27 November 2022


Andreas Wilhelm is an independent thinker, a lover of jokes and laughter, and – most importantly – a perfumer. He set up his own olfactive studio back in 2008, so that he could follow his passion for perfumery. Today, he brings a professional, informed and creative vision about how to work with scent to every project.

When it comes to the realisation of custom made scent experiences, Andreas and his team are reliable and resourceful partners. We have the experience and capacity to help all clients, whether you are looking for a new and totally luxurious Eau de Parfum creation, to enhance customer experience with a signature scent for your brand, or an unexpected scent track for an art installation.

Below we have listed a few of our favorite projects, but there are plenty more. We’ll be happy to tell you all about them if you want to come visit. Our fully stocked laboratory is open for you, in the heart of Zurich. Make an appointment, and we’ll welcome you with open arms and maybe even a coffee or a tea.

A special note for private clients: if you found our homepage because you can’t find your favorite cologne anymore, please check here. We can help!

Here are a few of my projects

19 March 2021
Since 2017 Andreas created the perfumes for swiss haute couture niche perfume house L’Adone. The brand is available worldwide.
17 March 2021
In 2017 Andreas Wilhelm launched his own brand called PERFUME.SUCKS. ist a blinking eye towards the industry where everything is hidden and stories became more important than the content of the bottles itself. 
18 March 2021
Andreas created the first two perfumes for Swiss brand Gisada. Gisada woman was awaded by the swiss frangrance foundation award…
16 March 2021
Wilhelm perfume realised the first 4 scents for the new luxury brand sentifique from Zurich Switzerland. They got launched in Germany, Switzerland, Romania already, Russia and other countries will follow by beginn of May 2013.