27 November 2022

Yootea Organic Iceatea

Title: Yootea Organic Iceatea // Client: Two Spice Gastro // Country: Switzerland // Year: 2010 // Tags: #Beverage

Andreas Wilhelm scaled up the organic soft drinks from the kitchen into an industrial Production. All teas are made in Wilhelm Perfume has implemented a re-launch of the Yootea brand’s existing products. The previous recipes had only a limited shelf life and suffered from considerable taste fluctuations. The instructions were not only for the industrialisation of the existing recipes, but also for the introduction of new taste ideas. The project lasted over a year, and Wilhelm Perfume accompanied the process from the testing stage through to pilot manufacturing procedures, and right up to end supply. The results include the new tastes “Ginger Apple”, “Jasmeen Green”, “Lemon Grass” and “Pink Pom”.

Tags: in Beverage
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