27 November 2022


1. A fragrance brief, which we would be pleased to advise on, is the starting point for each creation. This covers, among other matters, the type of perfume, statutory regulations, target group, applications and the price range. These parameters must be clearly defined before the start of the creation process in order to ensure optimal efficiency during the process. Additional costs will be incurred should the type of perfume, or any other parameter in the brief, be significantly changed during the course of the creation process.

2. For perfume creations made to order, the formula for the perfume will not be handed over to the client. The fragrance composition can be supplied as a global product to processors in possession of written authorisation. The delivery date of the goods will be confirmed in writing by Wilhelm Perfume GmbH after the order entry. The delivery will be made exworks.

3. For formula developments, the formula specifying the CAS numbers will be supplied to the client. These formula developments will be supplied only to industrial companies.

4. Complaints must be made in writing and at the latest 10 days after receipt of the goods. Returned goods must be in perfect, sealed condition. Incorrectly ordered goods cannot be returned or exchanged for hygienic reasons.

5. An extra charge will be made for the manufacture of small quantities under 10kg/batch. This surcharge is based on the size of the order.

6. Safety assessments for our products for use within the EU must be carried out externally. We will be pleased to supply the names of suitable companies. For small quantities, a charge of CHF500 per composition will be invoiced for data compilation, including MSDS, IFRA and physical data.

7. Fragrance descriptions, including information on the fragrance family, head, heart and base notes, will be provided at the end of the creation process.

8. Terms of payment: 10 days net, without discount. Reminder charge: CHF10.