Wilhelm Perfume supplies numerous enterprises in the perfume industry with perfume recipes for a variety of products both in Switzerland and abroad. These include, among other things, Fine Fragrances, deodorants, incense sticks, fabric softeners and detergents. Wilhelm Perfume offers also a wide know how from R&D to Production.

On finish products like Fine Fragrances Wilhelm Perfume accompanies its customers from the briefing stage through to recipe development and prototype preparation, right up to market launch.

Seluz Kimya Istanbul

Wilhelm Perfume GmbH consulted Seluz Kimya in Istanbul by planning and realizing its new plant and the belonging profoundly company structure by building up a company related R&D, QC, Production, Sourcing, etc. On the other hand we sourced professionals like Perfumers or Evaluators for Seluz Kimya. Wilhelm Perfume still develops successful formulas for Seluz Kimya who grow already to the number two in turkish market.

Weleda pomegranate skin care range

Andreas Wilhelm had been in-house perfumer for Weleda (2007-2009), the manufacturers of personal hygiene products and pharmaceuticals, and has developed various projects for the company. These projects included aromas for the “Granatapfel” (pomegranate) skin care range, the re-launch of a facial skin care range, as well as a lavender essence for shower gels. Only purely natural components are used in all the products. (www.weleda.ch)